Horse Racing Death Register

All racehorses who died will be registered here. Accidents happen and sometimes this will cost a horse his/her life. But with this list, horses will never be forgotten by owners, trainers and fans around the world. Also older horses that have died can be found in this list. I try to keep the list as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes information of a horse comes a couple of days later. Rest in Peace!

Young Bull (IRE)2023-04-19CheltenhamPut to sleep120Finished 2nd in the 2.40pm race.  Subsequently put to sleep.
Oscar Elite (IRE)2023-04-22AyrFatally injured139Pulled up before the 11th in the 1.50pm race.
Mighty Thunder2023-04-22AyrHeart attack128Unseated at the 19th in the 3.35pm race.
Cianciana2023-04-20CheltenhamFatally injured124Pulled up on run in in the 3.50pm race.
Hirapour (IRE)2023-04-16--133Aged 27.
Selhurstpark Flyer (IRE)2023-04-17--66Aged 32.
Minella Voucher2023-04-16WincantonFatally injured92Pulled up before 4 out in the 4.10pm race.
Dark Raven (IRE)2023-04-15AintreeFatally injured145Fell at the 7th in the 3.00pm race.
Caesar Nero2023-04-10Leicester Fatally injured57Fell final furlong in the 4.55pm race.
Envoye Special (FR)2023-04-13AintreeFatally injured119Fell while running loose in the 4.05pm race.
Tenzing (IRE)2023-04-10FairyhouseFatally injured141Pulled up before 2 out in the 5.00pm race. 
Tallow for Coal (IRE)2023-04-10Chepstow NHFatally injured128Pulled up before 5 out in the 2.35pm race.
The Gunner Yeats (IRE)2023-04-09FairyhouseFatally injured123Fell 2 out in the 3.10pm race.
Mighty Potter (FR)2023-04-09FairyhouseFatally injured160Fell at the 10th in the 4.55pm race.
Mongol Emperor (IRE)2023-04-05WincantonFatally injured124Pulled up in the 5.05pm race.
Dalami (IRE)2023-04-05--135Aged 29.
Winnetka (IRE)2023-04-19-Heart attack59On the gallops.
Clay Rogers (IRE)2023-04-02Ascot NHFatally injured124Fell 2 out in the 5.20pm race.
Hill Sixteen2023-04-15AintreeFatally injured143Fell at the first in the 5.15pm race.
Gameret (FR)2023-04-02Ascot NHFatally injured122Fell at the 7th in the 2.25pm race.
Mansoline (FR)2023-04-19TipperaryFatally injured92Fell at the 4th in the 5.00pm race.
Golan Way2023-04-02--142Aged 19.
Intstimetomoveon (IRE)2023-04-18TipperaryFatally injured119Fell at the last in the 2.05pm race.
Gone to Lunch (IRE)2023-03-30--140Aged 23.
Hunsbury2023-03-25BangorFatally injured74Unseated 2 out in the 1.58pm race.
Notre Pere (FR)2023-03-26--147Aged 22.
One For Arthur (IRE)2023-03-24--148Aged 14.
Tone the Barone2023-03-25Lingfield AWFatally injured103Pulled up over a furlong out in the 3.30pm race.
Ballabawn (IRE)2023-03-25BangorFatally injured102Unseated after the 5th in the 4.53pm race.
De Wanted Warrior (IRE)2023-03-19Chepstow NHFatally injured110Pulled up after 3 out in the 2.40pm race.
Jacks Profit (IRE)2023-03-23LudlowFatally injured0Pulled up after the last in the 2.25pm race.
Kicking King (IRE)2023-03-21--172Aged 25.
Pencilfulloflead (IRE)2023-03-23-Put to sleep152Aged 9.
Maypole Class (IRE)2023-03-19CarlisleFatally injured122Fell 4 out in the 4.10pm race.
Monymusk Lad (IRE)2023-03-17FakenhamFatally injured84Pulled up before the 6th in the 2.20pm race.
Western Safire (IRE)2023-03-18Kempton NHFatally injured0Pulled up before the 5th in the 3.17pm race.
Not Bad Are You 2023-03-17DoncasterFatally injured0Pulled up 3 furlongs out in the 5.15pm race.
Echo Watt (FR)2023-03-18FontwellFatally injured105Pulled up before 3 out in the 2.35pm race.
Mackelduff (FR)2023-03-18UttoxeterFatally injured125Pulled up after the 3rd in the 3.35pm race.
Malinello2023-03-14CheltenhamFatally injured130Fell at the 16th in the 5.30pm race.
Surdoue de Ballon (FR)2023-03-13-Heart attack80Finished 3rd in the 4.10pm race at Plumpton.  Collapsed in horse box.
Glenloe (IRE)2023-03-04NavanFatally injured116Slipped up after 4 out in the 4.50pm race.
Captain CJ (IRE)2023-03-12NaasFatally injured127Fell 2 out in the 4.52pm race.
Lou Trek (FR)2023-03-06Southwell NHFatally injured93Fell on the turn after 3 out in the 4.10pm race.
Chanting Hill (IRE)2023-03-10AyrFatally injured102Fell at the 4th in the 3.10pm race.
Unrequited Love (IRE)2023-03-04WolverhamptonFatally injured57Pulled up in the 6.30pm race.
Borntobealeader (IRE)2023-03-07Southwell AWFatally injured67Pulled up in the back straight in the 8.30pm race.
Jiving Jerry (IRE)2023-03-05WexfordFatally injured115Fell 2 out in the 3.25pm race.
Lillywave2023-03-02TauntonFatally injured0Finished 4th in the2.15pm race.
Head Law (FR)2023-03-04NewburyFatally injured124Fell 2 out in the 3.25pm race.