Horse Racing Death Register

All racehorses who died will be registered here. Accidents happen and sometimes this will cost a horse his/her life. But with this list, horses will never be forgotten by owners, trainers and fans around the world. Also older horses that have died can be found in this list. I try to keep the list as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes information of a horse comes a couple of days later. Rest in Peace!

Exit Poll (IRE)2023-03-01WincantonFatally injured147Pulled up at the 6th in the 5.20pm race.
Call Me Freddie2023-03-01WincantonFatally injured79Unseated 12th in the 3.10pm race.
Flann2023-02-28Leicester NHFatally injured110Fell 3 out in the 3.00pm race.
Baracouda (FR)2023-02-09--170Aged 28.
Shotavodka (IRE)2023-02-24--125Aged 17.
Classic Ben (IRE)2023-02-24--125Aged 10.
Grand Turnia2023-02-20Lingfield NHFatally injured110Fell at the 9th in the 2.30pm race.
Havana Gold (IRE)2023-02-23-Pelvic injury113Aged 13.
Cousin Vinny (IRE)2023-02-22--147Aged 20.
Youlneverwalkalone (IRE)2023-02-22--153Aged 29.
Hard Iron (IRE)2023-02-19MusselburghFatally injured106Fell at the last in the 3.55pm race.
Getabeau (IRE)2023-02-19MusselburghFatally injured88Pulled up before the 8th in the 2.50pm race.
Pillars of Earth2023-02-16ChelmsfordFatally injured61Pulled up a furlong out in the 8.00pm race.
Moot Court (IRE)2023-02-16Leicester NHFatally injured100Pulled up before the 12th in the 3.10pm race.
Arceno's Adventure (IRE)2023-02-10BangorFatally injured0Fell at the 5th in the 3.25pm race.
Foreman (GER)2023-02-09--0Aged 25.
Auriferous (IRE)2023-02-06FontwellFatally injured84Fell 4 out in the 3.30pm race.
That's a Given (FR)2023-02-05MusselburghFatally injured113Fell 4 out in the 3.55pm race.
Maggie Barrett (IRE)2023-02-05MusselburghFatally injured102Fell at the last in the 4.25pm race.
Chindi (USA)2023-02-04-Put to sleep0Aged 29.
Torula (IRE)2023-02-02WincantonCollapsed105Finished 3rd in the 1.30pm race.  Collapsed after the line.
Franco d'Aunou (FR)2023-01-30HerefordFatally injured125Fell at the 8th in the 3.00pm race.
Morningside2023-01-29SedgefieldFatally injured85Fell at the 15th in the 3.45pm race.
Rocked Up (IRE)2023-01-27DoncasterFatally injured103Unseated rider at the 8th in the 3.45pm race.
Intranet (FR)2023-01-26--0Pulled up in the 12.00pm race at Navan on the 21st January 2023.  Subsequently reported deceased.
Admiral Jack (IRE)2023-01-26--0Pulled up in the 6.15pm race at Newcastle on the 20th January 2023.  Subsequently reported deceased.
Edraak (IRE)2023-01-20MeydanFatally injured105Collapsed in the home straight in the 5.30pm race. 
Harry Topper 2023-01-20--134Aged 16.
Felix Natalis (IRE)2023-01-19DubaiFatally injured94Track work accident.
Bomb Alaska2023-01-13--0Aged 28.
The Perfect Crown (IRE)2023-01-16WolverhamptonFatally injured89Fell over 2 furlongs out in the 5.30pm race.
Sa Alors (FR)2023-01-16HerefordFatally injured85Fell 3 out in the 3.40pm race.
The Cob (IRE)2023-01-13HuntingdonFatally injured136Fell 3 out in the 2.00pm race.
Ballyglass (IRE)2023-01-10DoncasterFatally injured0Pulled up after 4 out in the 1.15pm race.
Air Support (USA)2023-01-09-Bee attack0
Sans Per Aquam2023-01-09-Bee attack0
Top Bandit 2023-01-08NaasFatally injured0Fell at the 4th in the 1.20pm race.
First Illusion (IRE)2023-01-07Newcastle NHFatally injured78Pulled up after 5 out in the 3.43pm race.
Silver Birch Lady (IRE)2023-01-08--0Aged 7.
That's Your Lottie (IRE)2023-01-07--0Aged 8.
Don't Tell David (IRE)2023-01-06LudlowFatally injured0Pulled up before 3 out in the 1.30pm race.
Kauto of Gold (FR)2022-12-31--99Unseated 2 out in the 1.25pm race at Newcastle on the 26th December 2022.  Subsequently reported deceased.
Clashabreeda (IRE)2022-12-29LimerickFatally injured81Fell 2 out in the 12.55pm race.
Miss Jeanne Moon (IRE)2022-12-30--107Pulled up in the 2.30pm race at Catterick on the 28th November 2022. Subsequently reported deceased.
Trojan Horse (IRE)2022-12-30TauntonFatally injured112Pulled up before the 6th in the 12.45pm race.
Unexpected Depth (IRE)2022-12-29LeopardstownFatally injured0Pulled up after the 11th in the 1.45pm race.
Three Stripe Life (IRE)2022-12-29LeopardstownFatally injured0Fell 2 out in the 1.45pm race.
Ivar (FR)2022-12-22AyrHeart attack116Finished 7th in the 1.30pm race. 
Winning Rascal2022-12-23--106Pulled up after 3 out in the 4.05pm race at Clonmel on the 27th October.  Subsequently reported deceased.
Cue Card2022-12-23-Heart attack166Aged 16.