Horse Racing Death Register

All racehorses who died will be registered here. Accidents happen and sometimes this will cost a horse his/her life. But with this list, horses will never be forgotten by owners, trainers and fans around the world. Also older horses that have died can be found in this list. I try to keep the list as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes information of a horse comes a couple of days later. Rest in Peace!

Pyrrha2011-07-29GoodwoodBroke Pelvis - 0
Turn Up (IRE)2011-07-29Bangor-On-DeeFell - Fatally Injured0
Mr Ramsay (IRE)2011-07-28StratfordPulled Up - Fatally Injured0
Kasla (USA)2011-07-25WindsorInjured in race - Fractured Pelvis 0Bled to death in horsebox.
Rewilding2011-07-23AscotBroke Cannon Bone127The King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes ended in a shock, when Rewilding suddenly broke down and fell over 2f out. Rewilding unexpectedly suffered a major fracture of the lower part of his near-fore leg, which led to a broken cannon bone. Because his leg was almost completely gone, he was put down immediately. <br>
Wee Ziggy2011-07-22Southwell NHFell - Fatally Injured0
Bajan Parkes2011-07-19Bangor-On-DeeBroke Shoulder0
Walleyd (IRE)2011-07-11AyrBroke Down0
Midnite Blews (IRE)2011-07-06WorcesterPulled Up Injured - 0
Magic Maid (GER)2011-07-04BrightonBroke Leg after finishing line0
Ford Of Wells (IRE)2011-06-30PerthBroke fetlock0
Lady Pacha2011-06-21Newton AbbotFell - Fatally Injured0
Just One Thing (IRE)2011-06-19HerefordFell - Broke Neck0
Poppanan (USA)2011-06-13WindsorBroke Down0
Provost2011-06-13SedgefieldFell - Fatally Injured0
Best Horse (IRE)2011-06-13SedgefieldFell - Broke Neck0
Troodos Jet2011-06-13SedgefieldFell - Broke Neck0
Hasper2011-06-11HexhamSlipped Up On Bend0
Premier Des Marais (FR)2011-06-09FontwellFell - Fatally Injured0
Gusting2011-06-04Doncaster FlatFatal Injury0
Tampa Boy (IRE)2011-06-02UttoxeterFell - Fatally Injured0
Sobea Star (IRE)2011-06-01RiponLost Action - 0
Katalak (IRE)2011-06-01FontwellHit Fence and Nearly Fell - Broke Leg - 0
Tuilan 2011-05-31Ffos LasFatal Injury0
Khalashan (FR)2011-05-30RedcarFatal Injury0
Saddle My Dream (IRE)2011-05-25SedgefieldBroke Leg - 0
Margot De Medici (FR)2011-05-24RiponFatal Injury0
Just Posh2011-05-18SedgefieldFell - Fatally Injured0
Lady Vera2011-05-14Bangor-On-DeeFell - Fatally Injured0
Drink Up2011-05-11FontwellLost Action - Fatally Injured0
Destinys Dream (IRE)2011-05-11YorkPulled Up - Fatally Injured0
Lizs Dream 2011-05-10SedgefieldFatal Fall0
Raquel White2011-05-08WorcesterFell - Broke Near Fore-Leg - 0
May Be Possible (IRE)2011-05-04CheltenhamFell - Fatally Injured0
Lord Liath (IRE)2011-04-29FontwellCollapsed and Died After Race0
Catch Bob (IRE)2011-04-29PerthFell - Fatally Injured0
Washington Irving (IRE)2011-04-28PerthCollapsed and Died After Race0
Pegasus Lad (USA)2011-04-20HerefordFell - Fatally Injured0
Robello2011-04-18ExeterCollapsed and Died After Race0
Minella Four Star (IRE)2011-04-16AyrPulled Up - Internal Bleeding0
Regal Heights (IRE)2011-04-16AyrCollapsed and Died After Race0
Regal Entrance 2011-04-15NewburyFatal Injury - 0
Arewenearlythere2011-04-12TowcesterBroke Down0
X Rated2011-04-12Southwell AWBroke Down0
Atraaf (IRE)2011-04-09Lingfield AWBroke Down0
Magnini (IRE)2011-04-09ThirskCrashed Through Rail0
Sultan Fontenaille (FR)2011-04-09ChepstowBroke Down0
Dooneys Gate (IRE)2011-04-09AintreeBroke Back0
Ornais (FR)2011-04-09AintreeBroke Neck0
Turf Legends (IRE)2011-04-07HerefordPulled Up Injured - 0